Workshop: The Goya Journal Guide to Good Food Writing

In collaboration with Pooja Dhingra's Studio Fifteen, Goya Media conducted a  workshop for amateur writers interested in food writing. The three-hour interactive workshop mapped a beginner's guide to creating quality content for media publications. Using resources within food journalism, participants break down and understand the elements of good writing, tools in digital media, techniques to develop a strong voice, and learn how to construct a story. It concludes with a peer-reviewed exercise in writing. 



Cookbook Club: Suriani Kitchen Edition

For this edition of the Goya Cookbook Club in collaboration with Penguin India, we chose Lathika George’s Suriani Kitchen, a wonderful, evocative account of the Suriani community from the vibrant state of Kerala. With more than 20 participants, this potluck held at the sprawling Nicobar store in the heart of Bengaluru featured more than 16 dishes from the book, ranging from the simple bitter gourd chips to more complex dishes like mango payasam and ari ada. An afternoon of fun, conversation and of course, heart-stoppingly delicious Suriani dishes, each participant received a copy of the cookbook to continue their exploration of the Suriani cuisine.


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